Is a P11D required for a director who is not an employee?

I have a client who has set up a company and is the sole director/shareholder. She is not an employee of the company and only receives dividends at the moment, however has made some expense claims for mileage and other small stationery/IT items. Are we required to complete a P11D?
Toni Mendelow

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Director's Loan Account

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With regard to mileage . . .

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Depends on the nature of reality

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Yes you do.

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Chapter 5...

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Mileage within rates

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Settling The Company's Debts

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Thank you all for the very useful comments.

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Office holder

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How do you set up a PAYE scheme where there are no salary paymen

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Does anyone have a definative answer to this ?

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This seems a handy guide

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