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Partners incorporating individually

The members of an LLP are thinking of incorporating fully, but not as one limited company. Instead, each will transfer his share of the business to his own personal company, leaving a partnership comprising entirely of corporate partners - a 'CT partnership'.

They will not claim any deferral in respect of the disposal of their shares of the business and will pay the 10% CGT, thereby generating a loan account. That's the idea, anyway.

On the face of it, the figures look pretty good for a business at this level of profit, as each corporate partner draws a modest dividend to use up the basic rate band and draws the rest of his income needs as a loan repayment. Even after the loan accounts are gone, there is still a modest tax saving to be had year on year.

The use of corporate patners creates a number of (hopefully!) unconnected companies, all of which are small for corporation tax purposes - incorporation of the whole business would create a company liable for the full rate of CT.

I am aware that this structure will reduce flexibility as far as a future sale of the business to a third party is concerned. Other than that, is anyone aware of any restrictions or pitfalls to the proposed structure?

Many thanks in advance for any comments.



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Ownership of goodwill

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