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PAYE Notices

Not only do I not get an email telling me there are notices waiting for me on the website, but when I get to the website I can search in every way I want EXCEPT show me all outstanding notices, and let me print and delete them.

Am I missing something here, I've just logged in to find over 20 of them, and I have to go to each client individually to then use my browser printer to get copies of them.

Why can't they send them to me by email, and if not, why can't I log into a secure email client, that actually LOOKS like an email client, not a half baked ill thought out webpage.

Rant over
Ian Clark

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What is going on?

Jane Dines |

Packages that pull information from system

tomtrainer |

A step backwards

Euan MacLennan |
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I agree

Anonymous |