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PAYE online payment ref problem

I have a client for whom I manage a small payroll. Each month they pay their PAYE liability online, on time. I don't believe they have ever missed a due date. However their online banking software doesn't permit the entry of a new reference for an already established payee. The choice is to either establish a whole new payment instruction for each monthly payment (and delete old ones to save clutter in the payee list) or use a generic reference for the established payment instruction. They do the latter i.e. use reference xxxPKxxxxxxxx0000 instead of the period reference in the last 4 digits.

For the last few months we have had a phone call from HMRC Collections stating that my client has not made their payment. I have to check payment details with the client and call back to tell them when the payment was made, they then seem happy.

We even had a letter last year saying that no payments had been made for the entire year and threatening legal action yet when I phoned them they readily stated that there was a £15k overpaid balance on the previous year account made up of a number of payments from the current year ! In the words of Homer Simpson DOH

Am I expecting too much of them to allocate a payment made on 18 October with a 0000 reference to be allocated to month 6 where no previous unpaid months remain ?

Does anyone else have this problem and has successfully resolved it ?

I am reluctant to tell my client they must set up a new payment each time.

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Direct Debit

Euan MacLennan |
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Or use Billpay ansd a card on the company account

Chris Smail |
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Bacs Payment

bunniboiler |
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gerrysims |
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taxhound |
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landscaper |
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Drop the zeros...

David Richards |

Pay early? WHY??

Healthpay |

Sounds like HSBC...

fluffymitten |
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DDs for clients

Euan MacLennan |
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Same here

tltodman |

Online banks should get with it

mikewhit |

Not all banks....

Healthpay |