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PAYE software Warning

If any of you use a Pay As You Earn programme called PAYE Master (in the UK)' issued by Freeway Software ' I suggest that you desist using them based on my experience:
Back in 1998 I purchased their programme ' without support ' and renewed it every March through to 2001. I was 'happy' with the programme and I received a free version upgrade on the 1st March 2002.
In March 2002 I decided not to renew this programme as I was forced to also take their Support Contract at an unwanted cost.
Three weeks ago I had a hard disk crash (luckily data was backed-up and accessible) and had to replace it. I re-installed the PAYE programme (version 2) and could retrieve my files dated before the 1st March. Realising that data files after this had been created in the upgrade version 4.3u, I tried to install this ' only to find that the files had disappeared from the disk!
I have sent the disks back to the supplier and requested replacement. Today a representative of the company telephoned me and said that I could only get replacement disks if I paid for the full amount of a new programme! I consider that to be extremely shabby treatment and very customer unfriendly. I am not trying to get their latest programme, just replacement for the free programme upgrade. I even offered to pay £10 per disk but, no, this was not possible.

Stephen Elms

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