Payroll Software Users beware -- Have users of Quickbooks 2002 Payroll lost out?

Are you are, that should you or your Clients have been using Quickbooks 2002 Payroll Service, you will be unable to use it for future years unless you purchase Quickbooks 2003 software?

On phoning to renew my Payroll for the next year, I was informed that I would be unable to use it, unless I purchased the 2003 software for about £300.00.

It could be discounted for me by 40%, but considering that the Profession usually buys software, pays any renewal licence, but does not usually upgrade annually, I feel that Firms and Clients ought to be made aware of this policy by Intuit which immediately makes obsolete any Software under the Quickbooks Logo.
Jonathan Goldman

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Blame the Revenue for QB position - who else can we blame?

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Payroll will only be renewed for QB2003 from here forward

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Its a big increase in price

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THis one runs and runs it seems!

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2003 and VAT - Cash accounting

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