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Personal contracts/development

For the last four years we have set personal (softer skill/commercial) and financial (chargeable hours/new business gains etc) targets annualy for our management team. I am in the process of considering this for the year ahead and in the interests of being more inclusive in the formulation of these targets I am considering turning the goal setting around 180 degrees and asking our management team to formulate their own goals.

Speaking to another practitioner I was informed they had done something similar and now set a 'personal contract' with their team for the year ahead. I am keen to consider the merits of this approach and definately keen to avoid any unwieldly and ultimately subjective criteria. With this in mind I would be delighted to hear if anyone who has tried this has found any learning experiences they would be happy to share in this forum to assist the implementation. If anyone has a link to an example personal contract that would also be helpful.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Many thanks. 

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