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Practice purchase invoices - how do you handle these?

Just wondering how others handle practice purchase invoices. Since we now receive electronic or hard copy invoices from different suppliers.

  • Do you scan hard copies and destroy hard copesor
  • Do you print electronic copies and delete or delete the electronic file
  • You keep 2 systems - electronic and hard copies


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Does it matter?

ShirleyM |
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I agree with ShirleyM

SteveOH |
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carnmores |
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FirstTab |
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Always ask?

ShirleyM |
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Not confirmation - ideas

FirstTab |
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Similar boat to you

Pottedbeef |
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BigBadWolf |
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Me too

thacca |
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FirstTab |
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Totally electronic!

Flash Gordon |

Scan and shred

chatman |


FirstTab |
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Yes, one massive folder...

chatman |

IT Business

RogerNeale |
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Receipt Bank

Michael Wood |
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Michael Wood

FirstTab |
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