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Practice software - HELP!!

We run a small ish accountancy firm.  Around 400 accounts client, and 600 personal tax clients.

We use Iris.

I believe that Iris does far too much than we need.  We don't use their job tracking or time and fees to great effect.  While I know these are obviously good elements I doubt we have a great need for them. 

Our renewal is coming up.  If we add some more staff then this renewal will be close to £7000!

So I need some reasons to stay.

We have looked at Absolute.  While it is a much smaller/more basic package there are some really nice elements.  For example Company Secretarial looks good.  At the end of the day I need something that will produce accounts, a CT600, SA100's for directors and the odd sole trader and then generate a few reports each month plus the odd letter.

I can afford Iris at £7000 (it's not a case of the current climate therefore cutting costs etc).  But then I could also afford a more expensive office, car, computer etc.  But choose not to. 

Just because Iris is the most expensive does it mean it is the best for my practice?

Any reasons to stay?

Are there any Absolute/Forbes users out there?

Is there anything else?

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That's some growth

Paul Scholes |
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nmprobinson |
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500/600 clients...

mm01 |

Shocked by Drummohr...

nmprobinson |
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Arithmo Online bookkeeping system

ERP_Consultant_Dalbir |
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Don't need bookkeeping system!!

nmprobinson |
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Try Sage

acc cinderella |

Be careful with Sage

ShirleyM |
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VT, TaxCalc Hub and TaxCalc

FirstTab |
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Check out Digita

Ian P Thompson |


nmprobinson |
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Never regretted my change to TaxCalc software

cbales |

Accounting software

sallycox |

Cant fault Forbes or Absolute

pauljohnston |

Negotiate with Digita

JackJoshua |

Stick with Iris

41115BARRI |
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Most, if not all!

mm01 |

have a look at BTC software too

pauljohnston |

Absolute Software

7accounts |