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previous accountants requiring £200 to pass paperwork over!

We have a new client (one director.shareholder company) that used one of the 'specialist' contractor accountancy businesses previously.
Built into the terms is the requirement that if the director terminates the agreement for services, there is a payment of £200 required to pass over information retained on their system (they did the bookkeeping, PAYE, VAT and invoicing customers).
It also says that providing the information can take up to sixty days!
What can be done, if anything?
Who actually owns the records?
The company website says that it is owned by qualified accountants and lawyers, but no way of telling who is a member of what.
Any suggestions please ... apart from paying the £200 or doing without the information?
I presume we are not allowed to have a similar clause requiring payment to pass on information we store electronically (we are ICAEW regulated)?

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Is this similar to the recent banks overcharging scandal?

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"owned by qualified accountants and lawyers"

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whats the problem

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Am I missing something?

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closing file

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Pricing policy

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Buyer beware

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he signed the contract

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