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A client indicated that he wished to change to another accountant. I had no problem with this, neither with the agreement that I should continue to completion accounts/returns in progress.

From telephone conversations with the proposed new accountant I felt there were some fairly basic matters on which he did not seem at all clear, which did give me some cause for concern.

When I had concluded outstanding matters (and been paid) the new accountant wrote to me. Two matters concerned me. Firstly that his request for connecting information was vague in the extreme and secondly that he stated he was a member of one of the leading accountancy bodies. In view of my concerns, I looked up the membership list of the organisation he claimed to be a member of and I could find no trace of his name nor of his business.

I wrote to him asking precisely what connecting information he required and also for clarification on his professional membership. I have received no reply.

My feeling is that, even in the absence of any specific request, I should provide such connecting infiormation as I regard to be reasonable on the basis that the client should not suffer. What action should I take with regard to his stated professional membership? Should I notify that organisation and if so should I advise the new accountant of my intention before doing so?

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thomas34 |

great great idea

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IFAC member bodies and Professional Membership

Bil Loh |

Passing off

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Bill Sheppard

tomtrainer |

Ability to opt out of public listings

steveoneill |
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Fraud Act

davidwinch |
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What laws, Bill Sheppard?

Anonymous |

Passing off?

Anonymous |

I did once report to ICAEW about an imposter

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Inform The Professional Body

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