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1 day a week on Social Media!

As most will know the amount of work time staff spend on social media is on an increasing trend. One survey revealed that this amounts to 1 day a week!

This is an area I have been thinking about a lot lately. The options are:

1) Restrict the use of social media during lunch times and after working hours (5pm). This was in place in my last job. It worked.

2) Total ban on social media in work place

3) do nothing and trust your staff.

As a small growing business how do you handle this? My preference is for option 1. Where can I buy the software at an affordable price that would allow me to do this? Is this the way to go?


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Why do staff now need to play

bernard michael |

Office policy

Jimess |

I would go for Option 2 and

Glennzy |
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Blocking software

FirstTab |
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Open DNS

Monsoon |
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Access is everywhere

B Roberts |

Blocking access

Constantly Confused |
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Web Defender

Glennzy |
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be flexable

hertsaccountant |
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My thoughts

bookmarklee |
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Option 2.

Cant Add Up |