10/11 partnership penalty for partnership starting date of 1/4/11

Two clients started a partnership from 1/4/11 and have been sent late filing penalties for themselves and the partnership for 10/11. Is this right, as a 31st March year end was always allowed to be treated as a 5th April year end for tax return purposes? Would an appeal on this basis be successful? They were intending to use 31st March as their first accounting date.

If not, is it possible to go back and amend one's starting date by five days?!

Thank you.


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Was a notice to file issued?

pjclar02 |

1st April 2011 was a Friday

Euan MacLennan |
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when did trading start?

Comptable |

what would you do?

abi.ukonlineco.uk |

A great example of why an

Fred Smith |