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2008/9 Underpayment advised PAYE

Hi All,

Need some help - please.  I have today been advised that I owe £2,700 in relation to an underpayment back in 2008/9.  I can't believe that they are only informing me now.

A good few years ago I used to complete self assessments and then received a letter from HMRC that these were no longer required (didn't keep a copy).  Anyway the only subsequent income I've had has been through paid employment.

The reflected an underpayment (agreed) in relation to 2011/12 in my tax code for this year - I don't understand how that could have been addressed and then this one comes to light a number of months later!

As far as I am concerned the employers have provided all the information to HMRC so if they think I underpaid for 2008/9 - should they, by now, not have already claimed this?

Is this grounds for a claim under the above - help greatfully appreciated!


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