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30 Days for a repayment

Client completed his own tax return and paid the liability which cleared on the 30th January. I checked the figures and noticed that client has not deducted the payments on account he had previously paid therefore a repayment arises. I check HMRC online account and sure enough overpayment is shown.

Requested repayment be issued online. Nothing happened so rang HMRC to query why not issued and was told that they have to wait 30 days once a payment has been made before they could issue a repayment!

How can this be right when it only takes 3 or 4 days to clear the banking system.


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I know that feel bro

Constantly Confused |
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not wishing to take the revenue's side....

justsotax |

Banks can return cheques up

bernard michael |

My poor old mum

lionofludesch |
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Clients, don't you love 'em!

Vaughan Blake |

I thought only dodgy builders/mechanics did that sort of thing

paulgrca.net |
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