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31 March year ends - for majority of Ltd companies

I would be interested to read from others if they have changed their majority of client companies year end to 31st March. If so what has your experience been like?

I am thinking about doing this where appropriate.


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Rod for your back

jpcentral |

Agreed .... but

Steve Holloway |
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petersaxton |
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One advantage (barring 5 days) - dividends reconciliation

DMGbus |
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March year ends

jon_griffey |
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Completely the opposite for me!

dbowleracca |
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don't knock it till you try it

Paul Scholes |
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February to April

petersaxton |
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I agree with Paul and Peter that you can find plenty to do

dbowleracca |
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Who are we working for?

La BoIS Saint |

30th May

RogerNeale |
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Not end of month

petersaxton |
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