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aaarrrgghhh !! - LLP Help

I have the "pleasure" of preparing a set of dormant LLP accounts for a client who registered the LLP as he intended to start but has never traded.

No problem I thought - I don't have any LLP clients at the moment save this one - I will go to Companies House and file the DCA (LLP equivalent) online

However - there isn't one and what is more I can't find a template.

Before I press ahead trying to ensure I draft a compliant template could I ask one of the members of the community to help/point me in the direction of one.

£10 to the favourite charity of anyone who can pass on/send me a template - believe me it will be £10 very well spent!

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girlofwight |

No such thing as a dormant LLP

johnt27 |

Yes but

girlofwight |


Ding Dong |
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Partnership tax return

david bransbury |

Sort of................

Ding Dong |
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Llp member AWOL

Spanner69 |