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ACCA Continuity of Practice

Hi All,

I am eligible for an ACCA practicing certificate and this has been confirmed after review of my Practicing Certificate Training Records by the ACCA.

However on completion of the ACCA Practicing Certificate Form I have seen that there is a requirement to enter a similar firm or person's details who will act as continuity of practice.

I am applying for a part time practicing certificate (turnover less than £5k per annum) and wanted to know firstly where would be the best place to identify a firm or person who will act as my continuity of practice? Or alternatively is there anyone in the West Midlands who would like to act as continuity of practice for my limited company?

I am aiming to complete basic accounts and small CT600 tax returns.


All advice will be greatly appreciated.



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Where are you based I can help you

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The general guidelines state

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Hi deg2yq

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Assistance appreciated

balraj |

I am

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On second thoughts

deg2yq |

Same situation

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ACCA Continuity of Practice

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Continuity of practice

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Continuity of Practice with registered audit practice

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