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ACCA - how many hours a week?


I have just started ACCA. I have recently graduated with a non-relevant 2.1 degree through the Open University.

My job is part of the treasury/financial accounting team in a public sector organisation. I am looking at completing the F1 to F3 modules by around April or May.

I am trying to plan out my time for the skills level and I suspect the first paper exams will be in December. I would look to start studying for the skills exams in about May.

Can anyone shed some light onto how many hours per module I should look to study per week? I would look to study F4 and F5 and possibly F6 if this is feasible.

I will self-study on text books, this worked well when I was studying in the Open Uni.

Any advice is appreciated!




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open uni is hopeless

david5541 |

Thanks for the feedback David

Paul78 |

Depends on your work style

Steve Holloway |
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my advice

adamian |