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ACCA member preparing p'ship tax return

Good evening all,

I would appreciate some guidance in this area please. I have reviewed the relevant ACCA guidelines but would like check with my fellow professionals to ensure what I am proposing to do is correct. I should point out that I am an ACCA member but do not yet have a practicing certificate.

I have a family member who is currently in a partnership. I have been asked if I can prepare accounts and personal tax returns for the business and partners. I will happily do this free of charge as a favour. The accounts will have a full balance sheet so will be reasonably detailed.

Could anyone please confirm if I am within the ACCA rules? I'm sure once payment for services comes in to the equation it's not as clear.

Feedback is appreciated.

Many thanks,


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Short answer probably not

Outofpractice |

Honorary work

Steve Collings |