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I'm more inclined towards ACCA and my plan is something like this (pls comment on it):

I'm in Pakistan, planning to do ACCA and attain the BSc degree from the Oxford Brookes University (ACCA students have to clear particular exams and do a project work to get the degree.) 

Once I'm through with all the ACCA papers and a degree, but before the mandatory three years job experience period for being an ACCA member, I would apply for a Masters Program in either UK, Canada or any viable university in a 'stable' country. 

After the degree, I could try and avail the post graduation work permit and might settle for long term. How feasible is the plan?



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Work plan

andy.partridge |
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ACCA is ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Definitely agree with the above two comments...

emilys_lake |

Original question - ACCA or CIMA!

emilys_lake |

Missing the point ?

B Roberts |

Thanks B R

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B Roberts |

But ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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All qualifications and no substance

jon_griffey |
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If you know you have to teach

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