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Accountancy software costs

Currently my practice is using Iris software. We are a relatively small practice but we are growing. I've recieved Iris's invoice this morning for the coming year's fees and let's just say I am a little dissappointed at how much they want to charge.

Can anyone recommend a software provider which offers a similar serice to Iris at a good fee.

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"good" or "cheap"?

Paul Scholes |
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Need to cost out FULL cost of any software

DMGbus |
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Buyer beware

ShirleyM |
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What do you want out of your software?


Agree with DMGbus & ShirleyM

ahussain55 |
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@ SJRUK- I think you mean

ahussain55 |
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Paul Scholes |
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In similar situation...

Jimess |


bigdave1971 |

February shopping...

Hosted Accountants Ltd |
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Sherman Holter |

Im still interested to hear

MissAccounting |
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Relate Software

Conor Kerrigan |