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Accounting and stock control software

We are a small manufacturing business, we are looking for software networkable to 4 pc's that will provide logical accounting, stock control and freetype invoice creation. We did have MYOB a great simple low costs system that worked, it had limitations but it worked and non accounts based personnel could get good information consistently out of it. We were conned into going for Mammut which is useless, poorly supported totally non logical  to be honest I cannot speak badly enough about it.

We are desperate to make a move before we grow anymore and end up with even bigger problems down the road





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freetype invoice creation. ??

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whats wrong with Mamut

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Which system?

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I have spent the last 5 years

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This might be a little late,

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Manufacturing linked to accounts, bill of materials and WIP

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Accounting, Stock Contrl & Manufacturing Software

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Dear 3569787

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