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I've seen several posts in the past few years regarding members' views on the popular accounting practice software being offered by the main players.  (Iris, Taxcalc, Intuit, Xero, Sage, Keytime).  As technology is moving on I'm asking for your current opinions on whats available and how good it is.

As some background - there seems to be a move towards providing a one-stop shop for accountants to allow their clients to do simple book-keeping using good applications which link to the same database that is used for final year end accounts (eg cloud-computing and fancy add ons such as applications on iphones, applications for taking and uploading screen shots of receipts, etc)  - I'm wondering if I could ask your views on:

1.  Which systems do you use? (for statutory accounting, corp tax, personal tax, client book-keeping)

2. Are these systems interlinked?  (or do you spend your time copying data over from the book-keeping module to the accounts production software)

3. Are you happy with the software and the customer service you receive?

4. Are your clients happy with the book-keeping software?  (is it intuitive enough and does it save them time entering the data?)

5. What sort of fees are you paying? 


Any help/views on the above would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks,



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answers in turn

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Mirror the last post...almost

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Software using

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Software I use

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Software for me

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My choices

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same as Flash (Ahhhh) except

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Am I the only IRIS user to admit to it?!

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