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Accounting software options - multicurrency

I work for a small oil and gas company operating mainly in western Africa. We're having software problems and want to implement a new system, but there seems such a big jump between a package like Sage and one like Infor 10 SunSystems. The appeal of SunSystems is the multicurrency functionality and the fact that it seems to be used by other small oil and gas E&P companies. We would like to be able to prepare reports in several currencies and my understanding is that SunSystems is second to none when it comes to multicurrency. It sounds like the reporting is also very good. I'm just concerned about the time/money required to design & implement the system. I also get the feeling that SunSystems might be more than what we need - we're basically plateauing our operations and have got by this far with a local version of Sage (but we have to change because the system is incredibly slow and doesn't have any multicurrency functionality at all).

Does anyone have any other software suggestions?

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Take a look at....ClearSEAs

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It's Oil and Gas

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I might owe you a beer

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Glad I could help

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How about Pastel

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SunSystems Multicurrency

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