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AccountingWEB Boffin of the Year

As those of you in the Born Dull?! group may have seen, we're running a programme of community awards this December. 

This thread is seeking nominees for our Boffin of the Year - an AccountingWEB member who is the fount of all knowledge for dependable technical answers.

We'd love to know who you think deserves this award, so just post nominees usernames below and if you agree with any of the nominations, click 'thanks' to cast your vote. 

We'll be announcing the winner in our Xmas news wire and will be posting further threads like this for different categories.

Looking forward to hearing from you all! 

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Best Award You've Thought of Ever

Moonbeam |
Moonbeam's picture

Paul but ..

gerrysims |
gerrysims's picture

I'd second.....

Flash Gordon |

Here is a third

ShirleyM |
ShirleyM's picture

i'm a Paul fan...

ChrisMartin |
ChrisMartin's picture

Forget the rest...

cparker87 |

Only one category?

Kent accountant |
Kent accountant's picture

Hi Kentaccountant, 

Rachael_Power |
Rachael_Power's picture

Cannot nail it down to one person

FirstTab |
FirstTab's picture

Only on nomination possible

frustratedwithhmrc |
frustratedwithhmrc's picture

Difficult to split Steve Kesby and David Winch ...

Steve Holloway |
Steve Holloway's picture

Steve Kesby


Steve Kesby is definitely up

MissAccounting |
MissAccounting's picture

How about

Canary Boy |
Canary Boy's picture

Steve Kesby

BigBadWolf |
BigBadWolf's picture

Bob Harper of course stupid !

uktaxpal |


blok |
blok's picture

I'd say Euan for all things

thomas |

I agree with blok...

Steve Kesby |
Steve Kesby's picture

While there are many

Constantly Confused |
Constantly Confused's picture

I vote for

justsotax |

Decisions decisions!

Monsoon |
Monsoon's picture

Too many to choose from

Euan MacLennan |
Euan MacLennan's picture

Oh Dear !  Come on chaps its

uktaxpal |

There will be a round-up

Rachael_Power |
Rachael_Power's picture

Bit of pruning

Henry Osadzinski |
Henry Osadzinski's picture

depends on the topic

LyneT |
LyneT's picture

Aww Henry!

George Attazder |
George Attazder's picture

Worry not

Henry Osadzinski |
Henry Osadzinski's picture


Ding Dong |
Ding Dong's picture

i vote for all of the above

carnmores |

PS youve got to be in it to win it

carnmores |