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Accounts office doesn't update addresses on PAYE

Has anyone else found this problem?

When we have taken over PAYE schemes from another payroll agency we have updated addresses with the Employers office.

This seems to feed through to the Accounts office in Bradford and payment booklets get sent to us as new agent.  Then 2 years down the line a critical piece of communication (in this case a refund cheque) gets sent by the Accounts office to the old payroll agency.

I spoke to the Employers helpline who confirmed that all addresses on the PAYE scheme were correctly updated 2 years ago, and then she said "I don't know if the accounts office use a different system, if they do, I don't have access to it"

So I finally managed to get through to the accounts office who said yes we updated the agency address 2 years ago, but clearly no-one told us to update the communiaction address "it's not our fault" - they hold 3 address fields, employer, agent and communication.

What process should I use to update addresses on PAYE schemes? I asked the employer helpline and they said write to the Employers office or fill in the online form (well that's what I did and that clearly doesn't work)... I asked the accounts office and he said "well I can change this for you now over the phone, but it only updates our records not the employers office records"

Why do I feel that I am constantly banging my head against a blooming brick wall with HMRC...

ARRRGGGHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Why do I feel that I am constantly banging my head against a blo

nigelburge |
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Incompetence beyond

Cloudcounter |

Over 2 years and still they havn't corrected

Ken Howard |

And another thing...

Ken Howard |

At least I'm not the only one

rcbarrettandco |

Elloquently, succinctly and correctly put!

rockallj |
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Ken Howard

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