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Accounts rejected by Companies House for .....

the use of Limited rather than the incorporated title of Ltd. Given that I never use the abbreviated Ltd on accounts and have never had a set of accounts rejected in 11 years should I write a really snotty letter suggesting they get a life?!

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Arrant pedantry, up with which we should not put

Roland195 |

That just sums up whats wrong with CH/HMRC these days

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Tut tut!

Euan MacLennan |
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Apparantly the other way around is ok!

zarathustra |
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But consistency Euan?

Steve Holloway |
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There was a bout of this...

the_fishmonger |

Isn't the point that

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We recently took over a

mirrored |

Come off it

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It's the same for posh limited co's too!

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Rejected accounts but no reason

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a couple of comments

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