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Advice re setting up in practice

I used to work as an Accountant for a Chartered firm which I left in 2009 to have my 2 children. I'm now looking to get back into this area (self employed) by mainly offering bookkeeping services, as well as some accounts prep (sole traders / partnerships).

I'm really looking for any guidance as to anything I may need to do?! I'm AAT qualifed but due to taking a career break I haven't paid my subs for 3 years. I have contacted AAT and for me to be able to use the letters after my name again, and to be in practice, I have to complete some forms and also prove my work experience since I stopped paying my subs. As I haven't done anything like this for the 3 years I'm waiting until I establish myself a bit before rejoining AAT.

If I'm doing bookkeeping and simple accounts do I need an engagement letter? For example, a painter gave his records to me today to do the bookkeeping & accounts for him. Can it be as simple as just doing the work & billing him for it without all the 'official' bits?! I'm not looking to run a highly successful business - just something for an extra bit of money!

Many thanks for reading

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Engagement Letter

Jason Dormer |
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Call your previous employer?

mackthefork |

AAT in practice

Ann Lovatt |
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Money Laundering

Tosie |

Data Protection - ICO. Not

khalm0 |


Ann Lovatt |
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Carefully choose the type of work you want

Sloane Walker |

Carefully choose the type of Work......

Vanessa |

More importantly

mackthefork |

Good relationship with Accountant

Vanessa |