Advice re: UK registered Ltd Co working in Russia?

I was wondering if you could help me:


We act for a UK registered company who is going to be doing construction work in Russia, and I have a few questions:


1 - Will they need to register for VAT in the UK, and if so, will anything be claimable, such as any materials, machinery, services, etc?  Are we looking at partial exemption rules?

2 - Will they need to register for VAT in Russia?  What would be the general implications of this?

3 - They are going to be engaging UK labour (not sure if subcontractor or employed as yet) to work in Russia - will PAYE/NIC be payable on this income, if it is employed staff?  Does the CIS scheme still work as normal in Russia?

4 - They will also be employing Russian staff - how does this work for PAYE, etc?


I am basically doing the research for my supervisor, so will be grateful for any assistance you can give me?



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