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Am I being too sensitive??

Am I being a bit sensitive?


I've been asked by my client who run a recycling company to remove my email signature from my emails, or at least reduce the amount of space it takes up.


I send invoices and emails on behalf of my client but under my business name and apparently there have been a couple of complaints/comments that when they print them it runs to too many pages.  Now my email signature has my company details, contact details, a couple of logos and the normal 'if it's not intended for you' script.  Doesn't take up that much room. 


I feel a bit aggrieved that I'm suddenly responsible for other people's printing habits.  I rarely print emails unless there's something I need to have on file or need to cross reference and if I need to I either restrict the printing to one page or cut and paste the relevant bits I want to a blank document.- so why can't others do the same?


So, should I remove my email signature or should I stand my ground and say this is my branding, my identity and it's tough s**t??


Appreciate any comments!

Frustrated !!

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If there have been a number

SThornton |

Remove it, nobody reads them

pawncob |
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Remove it or make it smaller

sarah douglas |

Printing emails

Monsoon |
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Sensitive emails

cwca |

Agree with cwca

Old Greying Accountant |
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Tosie |

Institute Practice Assurance

Kent accountant |
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why not get client to set you up with an email@hisdomain?

zarathustra |
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pawncob |
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May I suggest ...

Mouse007 |
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How about ...

nogammonsinanundoubledgame |
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Tosie |

Perfect answer

mwngiol |
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Paul Dead

plummy1 |
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Thanks for all your comments.

anne.globe |