Amending 2011 Tax Return

Hoping someone can help.

Have been approached by a client whose tax affairs are in arrears. Both he and his previous agent have not been well, and the latter

submitted the 2011 and 2012 Tax Returns with estimated figures, and marked the Returns as being so. I have now prepared replacement

Tax Returns and submitted the 2011 Return direct to HMRC. However, they have returned this to me saying that the time limit for claiming

Capital Allowances was the 31st January 2013. I was aware that there was a time limit for backdating Capital Allowances, but would

appreciate any advice, or suggestions as to where to access the relevant guidance. I have the following queries:

1. Given that the original 2011 Return was submitted as an estimate, and I have merely corrected the figures, is the deadline relevant.

2. If it is, is there some other avenue for me to get the Return amended, as the actual profits, after Capital Allowances mean that no tax should have been due.

3. Not sure if this is relevant, but all the capital allowances relate pooled assets brought forward from the previous.

I will be researching this myself, but any advice, or help in my research would be gratefully received.



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