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... and again!

HMRC have just called us regarding a client of ours. Leastways ... they said they were HMRC!

I asked for our agent code and was informed they don't have one! I said I needed to confirm they are HMRC and was told they were, because they have a 64-8 with our name on, but don't have an agent code!

I said their lack of confirmation that were HMRC put me in a difficult position regarding confidentiality and I got a sarcy comment saying 'they are only trying to help the taxpayer' and they put the phone down!

It's time HMRC had some proper procedures for confirming their ID when calling accountants, or taxpayers!

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I agree


BKD - your response reminded us we have caller ID

ShirleyM |
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Waste of our time

Moonbeam |
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Sadly I think they were right

Marion Hayes |
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petersaxton |
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In the room

andy.partridge |
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ShirleyM |
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to be honest

listerramjet |
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Callers should be more clever

petersaxton |
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Agent Security Checks

halesir |