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Another load of miss information

Ha, what a laugh.

Just tried ringing (Cumbernald) and all their advisers(!) are busy.

To me, they have shut up shop early and gone home.

What is the latest you have managed to contact them.

As a part timer (Self Employed), I can only conduct some enquiries on an evening and I am getting a little frustrated with HMRC and their opening times.

Anyone else noticed the reduction in HMRC manning hours that has not been made pubilc?

a bit like in last years budget and the mention of not sending out notice's to file a tax return.

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uktaxpal |

I don't recall them ever

bernard michael |

Generally i try and avoid all contact with

justsotax |

Our answerphone has taken calls in the evening

ShirleyM |
ShirleyM's picture

I am ex-revenue employee.

K81 |
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