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Any reliable email hosting recommendations please?

My website and POP emails are hosted by

I am having problems with sending all emails today coming back with one of:

  • 550 pointing to
  • 503 Valid RCPT command must precede DATA
  • Connection to the server interrupted
  • The server responded: 550 pointing to mailgate.

Not to mention

  • The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

for various valid email addresses recently.

I also find that the server is often unavailable from my phone and I will get a few hours worth of emails all at once later.

All in all, I am rather fed up with the unreliability of the whole service.

My website is also hosted by freeparking.  Does anyone have any good recommendations for a reliable email provider where

  • I can have my emails as (obviously not actually my email address)
  • It offers wildcard forwarding, such as if someone were to type by accident (or any other random   it would be forwarded to an email of my choice.  Freeparking no longer offer this, so I have to put in individual forwarding for most items where an error may be made, but anything gets lost in the ether!
  • Reasonable pricing
  • My website is currently written by me (using publisher) and is ok but not fantastic.  If there is a good website template help that would be advantageous.
  • Reliable, reliable, reliable

Thanks in advance


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MissAccounting |
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Try HostingUK

Captainblack |
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Meirhosting or Online50

RussellD |

Titan Internet

Moonbeam |
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Adrian Pearson |
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Thanks for responses

Luke |
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Google Apps

TimCaprica |
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suepg |

Thanks all

Luke |
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teo89 |

thank teo89

MelissaHart |
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