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Anyone know of any decent and reasonably priced staff planning software?

I have a few new clients, most are startups, where business has taken off.  These are all service businesses so the most important thing for them is to be able to track all the jobs and make sure the right person goes to the right job and they aren't double booked.

Take a cleaning company for example.  They can have up to 15 jobs on on any one day and 25 staff.  Using a spreadsheet or outlook diary is becoming unwieldy.

When I was at PwC we had a great piece of software called Retain which would be perfect for what I have in mind - but I expect that is far too expensive for a small business.

What I need is something that produces a matrix where you can list all the jobs down the left hand side and the time across the top.  Into the matrix I want to be able to allocate staff to the jobs.  I also want to be able to run a report by employee to show what they have been allocated for a particular day/week.  In theory Excel can manage the first aspect easily enough (although planning more than a week ahead might get messy as you'll likely need 24 columns for each day -  hour day split into half hour blocks).  Maybe it can do the latter and I'm not as good with Excel as I might be.

There must be something out there as I can't believe this is difficult to programme if you have a basic understanding of programming - which of course I don't.

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T cards

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A free project/job scheduler

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Visual Planning

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