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Anyone used a Quickbooks app to import transactions?

Following my earlier thread about the pros and cons of Sage50 vs QB I decided to move to QB.  However I then discovered QB doesn't have a transaction import facility.

I'm sure I'm not on my own in having a number (most) of my clients who don't have any accounting software.  I've persuaded most to provide me with their sales and purchases analysed on spreadsheets so I can easily import them into Sage.  Other clients have huge volumes of small transactions managed through their own operating system that, via the transaction import, I can into Sage seamlessly.

It seems if I move to QB I won't be able to do this without using a third party app (although these are listed on the Intuit website so I guess they are accredited).  Has anyone ever used such an app.  The one I have seen is called Transaction Pro Importer 5.0.

Any advice/experiences gratefully received

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Yes you can import

Adrian Pearson |
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As I argued in my last post,

Cantona1 |

If sage currently works for you...

zarathustra |
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@zarathustra I would prefer

ChrisScullard |
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iif transaction creator from big red consulting for importing

hudsonju |

DO the US apps work on the UK version of quickbooks

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