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Are you in budgeting purgatory?

We're got a 31 December year-end and are going through the annual budgeting purgatory on AccountingWEB. Our publisher is currently spreadsheet-wrestling with the MD and FD over his investment plans for next year.

Are you going through the budgeting rounds at the moment? And if so, how are you finding it?

Have you got any ways to avoid the game-playing and conflict that seem to be inherent in the process. What tools do you use and how suitable are they for the job? Have you got any techniques, such as rolling budgets or collaborative online planning, that bring more value?

Are there ways to get through the process and what tips can you suggest to make it easier?

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Is it a waste of time??

3569787 |
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I agree whole heartedly.

ireallyshouldknowthisbut |
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Waste of time? Shouldn't be

andy.partridge |
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petersaxton |
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I have always thought

paulwakefield1 |