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Audit requirement

Co A  directors X & Y, between the various share classes own all shares between them  T/over =3.5m B/sheet net assets = 500k

A Note in the accounts shows an amount,   owed by group undertakings [ debtor 300k]

Accounts are unaudited, & prepared by a top 20 firm

Co A files own CT  tax return

Directors X& Y have several other joint businesses...... and X has additional outside director + shareholder interests


Not sure how to put a Group together if applicable ?

Should Co A in fact be audited, as part of a group, note was a bit of a giveaway surely ? & what are current audit requirements in these circumstances?

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If the group is small, there

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And if the group is small ...

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am i being thick?

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If they have a subsidiary,

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Doh!  Thanks SA - sometimes I

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My pleasure!

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