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BACS bureaux - any offers?

I have a client looking to start paying their staff by BACS.  They bank with Lloyds and the bank manager says that they need to find a third party BACS bureau to process the file produced by the payroll software (Moneysoft) to make the payment.  He'll still charge £150 set up fee & batch fees in addtion to the bureau fees.  However, I have not yet found a bureau that offer this service - only ones that process payrolls that they manage (have been trying local-ish names on the bacs register).

Does anyone know of any bureaux offering such a service?

I have heard that Nat West can offer a direct processing service - so opening an account just for wages may be an option.  Anyone have any experience of that?




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Most high St Banks offer payment file processing

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It's the BACS process

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Credec - thanks

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BACS Bureau

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BACS Services

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