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Bankrupt client ...

A client of ours (sole trader) who owes less than £12k of tax has been made bankrupt. The last return we prepared was 2009 which we didn't get paid for.

The amount outstanding wasn't a lot but now the Insolvency practitioner appointed as trustee wants us to send to them accounts, returns and breakdown of all items on the accounts, the accounts that we weren't actually paid for!

She says that we are obliged under Insolvency law to do this free of charge presumably so they can do as little work as possible and rake in a big fee.

What are our actual rights , do we have to waste our own time collating this information and sending it in ,what about paying the postage ?

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The Innkeeper |

If lawyers bayonet the wounded, IPs strip the bodies

Roland195 |

Asked the insolvency



The Innkeeper |

i am delighted to hear that

carnmores |

To be honest thought it would


Slightly different situation but a similar question.

sbutlerhwca |

Are you chartering a helicopter?

Roland195 |

shame about the attitude

lme |
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Thanks Roland195

sbutlerhwca |

Let them come to you

41115BARRI |
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As per Phil's comment

mtyler |

Should be built into fees

Ken Howard |

S237 Insolvency Act

Malcolm McFarlin |
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