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Best course of action

Client asks me to run payroll every week and I email payslips etc to her. She has never provided log in details for filing returns or given me a PAYE reference number, and for year end I printed off P60's etc.  I've always suspected she might not be registered for PAYE and now I'm certain she isn't.

What would you advise I do? I obviously don't want to jump the gun if she has registered but it's my opinion that all deductions have been pocketed.

Thanks in advance


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Why are you doing payroll?

occca |

Know your limitations

stepurhan |
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shady client/bookkeeping

david5541 |

Thank you for your advice

Teknik |

The PAYE reference

Euan MacLennan |
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PAYE Registration

stratty |
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A number of different solutions

Nichola Ross Martin |
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