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Bookeeping for different industry sectors

Are some sectors easier to do the bookeeping than others? 

Note I am not talking about simple one man band type businesses but ones employing a few people who maybe want their bookeeping doing.

Eg I would characterise retail and leisure/hotel/restaurant as quite difficult due to the need to reconcile cash takings and also keep tabs on credit card receipts. Most software packages need a bit of adapting in respect of the latter.

Also construction industry clients due to the need to process CIS both in respect of customers and subbies paid by the client. This I find a real chore tbh, with all the deadlines and opportunities to cock-up.

Conversly I find both service industry and wholesale clients pretty easy as its just sales ledger, purchase ledger and salaries.

Any other partuicularly good or bad industries?


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My views

petersaxton |
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what about builders peter ?

zarathustra |
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I don't deal on a day to day basis

petersaxton |
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Shops are easy

Ken Howard |


petersaxton |
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