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Business Records Check Telephone Questions

Does anyone have a list of questions asked please? I have just received a copy of a letter to a client stating that the call will be on or soon after 7/1/13 unless she calls before. My immediate reaction would have been to make the call for her but having read other posts on AW am a bit concerned that it may  go against her. I am thinking of having a meeting beforehand and letting her make the call on loudspeaker with me by her side. Must brush up on my handsignals. I had also thought of writing and asking for the questions in writing bt guess that might trigger an enquiryMy client is a sole trade beauty therapist with £20k turnover, working from home not full time. Records are good but of course there are cash receipts & I do believe her that they are fully declared. She even gives me details of treatment courses paid and not complete at ye, stock and exact mileage figures. However she has no real understanding of why I need all these details - she is just doing what I have advised and I think she will be totally petrified and confused when she is asked questions. Any suggestions or details of what we can expect would be appreciated.

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Do the professional thing

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Call HMRC yourself!!

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same letter - must be the trade

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Also remember

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business type

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Another beauty therapist

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BRC letter same sector

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I've had a few if these

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Record Check beings with two

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