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Business Transfer and VAT number

Please help me with advise.


Company (Ltd) soon will have new 100% shareholder and director.  At the moment company has VAT number and send VAT returns every 3 months.

I know that after shares will be transfered and new director registered in Companies House , company has to inform HMRC about changes.


But what will happen with VAT number?   Somewhere I read that company must cancel VAT number and HMRC will give new one?

Could company keep previous number as it was all time?  

If number will be canceled, and new number issued - than how we will make invoices in time between?  Amounts will be without VAT ?



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you can retain the old VAT number

memyself-eye |
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You need to complete a form VAT 68

Georgina Rollings |

Why would you want to change the VAT number?

should_be_working |
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Basic misunderstanding


Thank you for reply.

RiTiTi |



New ownership of Company

philfromleeds |