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Can anybody point me in the right direction??

Good Monday Morning Everyone,


Could anyone point me in the right direction to find out more about accounting for a speculative property developer?


I just can't find any literature and the FRSSE doesn't help me much thus far either.


For example, the motive is to make a profit from the sale of the eventual properties. Therefore one would assume that the direct costs are not capitalised into an asset. But then the development will incur large losses at the start to be carried forward for when the property is, hopefully, sold. But is this right? I am thinking the capitalised version would be correct. And then, what if a buyer is found and monies are transferred before the property is finished? Would this be deferred income in accordance with accruals? If so, when would it be released?


As you can see, I have a million questions and I am very keen to learn more on this topic so I would sincerely appreciate any guidance or pointers in the right direction. Please no "ask your accountant" responses.

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Not capital

Mouse007 |
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Thanks Mouse - I am

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I knew this!

accountant_87 |

Nearly correct but not quite

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its a trade like any other and the same principles arise

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Spot on

accountant_87 |

dont forget,if you have a

uktaxpal |

thinking of stage pmt

uktaxpal |

Prefinish sale

accountant_87 |

no,you can take profit as the

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Re: taking stage profits

Ian_mcdonald |


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