Can anyone recommend reasonably priced statutory accounts production software?

I'm an FD in the construction industry and this years accounts have fallen under the audit threshold. I asked our national accountancy firm to quote for statutory accounts prep and corporation tax return prep and think their price is excessive as they won't prepare an accountancy report and won't include tax planning and advice. I'm now thinking I will purchase final accounts production software and will submit accounts and tax return myself. The accounts this year are straightforward nothing contentious or risky for tax which needs advice anyway. There's never been an audit adjustment to my accounts in the 6 years the firm have acted for us and I prepare the draft corporation tax calculation which is usually within £100 of theirs. Our bankers don't have any issues with me doing everything this year either. I've started looking on the net at various software providers but everything seems practice based. All I want is some straighforward reasonably priced software. We use sage 50. Any recommendations would be great. 

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I would say PTP/ Iris is your best bet

Tonykelly |
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You could go for VTaccounts

marks |

Another vote for VT

Steve McQueen |
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We use Absolute

gerawson |

I would add ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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not sure why people are recommending VT in this case

Tonykelly |
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Marion Hayes |

I don't believe it

Tonykelly |
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Marion Hayes |

Why use accounts production software?

petersaxton |
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