Can Hmrc issue a penalty for 2013 tax returns already?

We submitted a 2013 SA return for a client in jul 2013. It then came to light that a large dividend had been omitted from the return and it was resubmitted in dec 13 with the correction. Hmrc have now threatened to add a penalty as they consider the omission was deliberate.

Can they add penalties like this when the deadline for submitting the return hasn't passed yet?

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JCresswellTax |
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Did you approach them with the correction?

cparker87 |

Doesn't matter that no tax has been lost

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cparker87 |

@ OP (montgoke1)

fawltybasil2575 |

Tax Returns


To answer the headline

Marion Hayes |
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Amendment and forced change

stepurhan |
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I did the same thing 2 days ago...

louisVW4 |