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Can I convert a whole worksheet into a function?

I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs. Tab 1 cell A1 I enter the profit and cell D45 displays the result (a figure based on a comination of tax etc). Tab 2 column A I have a list of profits levels, column B is the result from D45 for each profit level. At the moment I have to go to Tab 1, type each profit into box A1, note the result in D45, switch to Tab 2 and type the D45 result into Column B. Is there a way I can turn Tab 1 into a function so that excel will automatically put each profit figure from Tab 2 Column A into Tab 1 cell A1 and then automatically put the result in Tab 2 Column B?

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ACDWebb |
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Data tables?

shurst |
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Data Table will work

edhy |

Forgive me if I am

DazedByTheLight |
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It is Simple

edhy |