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can i delay banckcruptcy

my next hearing is 15 nov

hmrc are refusing to address vat account info  the vat desroyed my buisness .there last involvement was in 2007

 ive made repeated requests and three sars  im just getting runaround   ive got form 6.19 from court

1 how do i  word  "thieving gits are refusing to supply evidence of a direct assault on my assets  debt 3.5k went to 32k in 18 months and who knows what else "on form 6.19

2 ive made a foi request  using link from  tax investigation for dummies  is this delivered in electronic format and what actions do i take if/when they dont provide

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Apply to the court for

dropoutguy |

Difficult to understand what is going on

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I agree - get your Returns in

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Own Silly Fault

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